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Spring Palette Virtual Art Show

Spring Palette Art Show

Celebrate creativity and welcome the season of Spring! Enjoy our virtual art “gallery” filled with color, texture, imagination and inspiration. Peruse our online gallery and experience a palette of unique oil paintings, watercolor paintings, prints, pencil drawings, and much more all created by our very own local artists. You may even find a home for an art piece as many of the artworks will be available for purchase. Let our 17th annual show ignite your passion for art!

Featured works by the students in the Mixed Media Art Class at the Westmont Park District Senior Center. These artists worked hard on each piece; all artwork shown is original, private property and cannot be replicated or reprinted without artist consent.These talented artists bring their masterpieces to life through composition, color, and technique. If you’re interested in purchasing one of these pieces, contact Westmont Park District at 630-969-8080 for pricing and how to purchase a piece from the artist.

To view part 2 to this virtual experience, click here.

About the class:

Take a break from your busy schedule and inspire your creativity while making new friends in this mixed media art class! Watercolor, acrylic, oils or pastels – individualized instruction, in your choice of media, emphasizing composition, color value and technique. This eight-week class is for beginners as well as seasoned artists, because no matter your skill level we inspire each other to produce masterpieces! Join us on Thursdays from 10am-12pm at the Westmont Park District Senior Center. Please bring your own supplies, and call 630-969-8080 for details. Taught by Patricia Suchy.

Rita Tierney

“I really enjoy art as a hobby and a relaxing outlet from everyday life. Watercolors are my favorite and sometimes I’ll try my hand at acrylics as a medium. This class with our wonderful teacher keeps me going.”

Rita Tierney Rita Tierney

Rita Tierney 3

Joyce Latimer

“I started oil painting classes after my first heart attack. After 3 more I began taking classes at the senior center. I am presently retired from my position as a Speech Language Pathologist. I previously owned Speaking of Flowers in Willowbrook and was active in FTD and Society of American Florists both as a floral designer and owner. I enjoy oil painting and have studied and practiced many techniques that expand my impressionistic style through color, texture and lighting.”

Gloria Giralamo

“I enjoy oil paints and like to paint portraits scenes that include flowers and softly lit backgrounds that allow me to explore different painting styles and techniques. For the last several years I have enjoyed participating in our art class with our very helpful teacher, Patty Suchy. Patty inspires us and always makes us feel happy with our work.”

Gloria Giralamo Gloria Giralamo Gloria Giralamo

Barb Hertko

“I started painting after retiring from teaching art for 30 years. My focus of study in College and Graduate School was ceramics and jewelry. I wanted to explore color and learn how to paint, and I chose acrylics because it is a fast and forgiving medium. I enjoy painting landscapes and nature, bringing each scene to life through light and color. Being a part of the Westmont art class with Patty Suchy has been a great experience. All of the students support and learn from each other. I love this class, it is the highlight of my week. I have included my pieces titled First Blooms, Heron, Spring Planting and English Countryside.”

Barb Hertko Heron
Barb Hertko Barb Hertko

Blanca Campos

“I started taking classes at the Westmont Park District in October 2009, wanting to learn how to paint portraits with oils. While I feel I have achieved this goal, I also feel that with each class I learn something new. I truly love portraiture painting and thrive on capturing the emotion of my subject, both through the use of color and light. I have tried many mediums including oils, acrylics, and fabric paints. We have a wonderful teacher, patient, skilled and passionate about teaching. I am always looking forward to going to class.”

Blanca Campos Blanca Campos Blanca Campos

Judy Huizinga

“I love to paint with watercolors. I find inspiration for my paintings in nature. I like to garden and enjoy taking photos of flowers whether from my garden, the Arboretum or another garden I have visited. Painting is very cathartic for me, especially this year. Every artist in the class has their own style of painting which makes it interesting to watch their work develop. Classmates and our teacher, Patty Suchy, are very supportive and encouraging. That makes the class an enjoyable and safe place to experiment and hone our skills.”

Judy 1 Judy 2 Judy 3 Judy 4

Clare Donovan

“I enjoy working in acrylics. I have been in the Mixed Media Art Class since March of 2016. Patty is a knowledgeable, patient teacher and my classmates are talented and encouraging. We have a lot of fun together and have made great friendships. I consider myself a realistic-style painter who loves color. I am showing nature paintings for this show, but also enjoy painting people. I have included my pieces titled Peonies, Toucan, Super Moon, and Barth Pond.”

Clare 4 clare 1 clare 2 clare 3

Bernice Pospisil

“I started painting when i turned 77. Now at 80 I know it is the best move I ever made. We have the best & sweetest teacher ever, Patty Suchy. We also have a great bunch of classmates. It is the highlight of every week. I have found some good friends in the class and we get together and enjoy each other’s company. I love to paint with acrylics because it dries so fast. I experimented with oil paints which I enjoyed except for a fact that it can take a week to dry. I think I might like to try water color next!”

Bernice 4 Bernice 1 Bernice 2 Bernice 3

Mirl Schuetz

“I started painting at a class at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh at the age of 65 when I retired. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the teacher thought I had so much talent and wanted me to continue with my lessons! When I moved to Illinois, I was happy to find various classes where I could continue my love of art. Now at 94, I am so happy to come to class each week because I have learned so much and have made good friends. I have tried watercolors and pencils, but it is with my water-based oils that I have found the best success! I enjoy painting portraits, and love to see all the other talented artists in class make such beautiful artwork.”

Mirl 1 Mirl 2 Mirl 3 Mirl 4 Mirl 5

Terri Cates

“I am new to art class. I paint in acrylics and have chosen mostly landscapes and nature as my subjects so far. I enjoy the direction, relaxation and companionship this class provides.”

Terri 2 Terri 3 Terri 1 Terri 4

Thank you for viewing our art. We hope you enjoyed it! If you’re interested in purchasing one of these pieces, contact Westmont Park District at 630-969-8080 for pricing and how to purchase a piece from the artist.

Watch for Spring Palette Virtual Art Show Part Two, which will be online in April 2021.