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History & Mission Statement

Mission statement

Enriching community life through quality parks and recreation for all ages

Westmont is a great place for active families. The Westmont Park District maintains over 150 acres of park property throughout the village. Recreational activities are scheduled throughout the year and are listed in our seasonal activities brochure which is delivered to residents of the entire village three times each year. The Westmont Park District uses its parks and facilities as well as the recreational assets of village schools in a comprehensive program of athletics, exercise and special events. There is an activity for every age group from toddlers to senior citizens.

One of the primary goals of the Westmont Park District is to protect open land and park space for the recreational use of Westmont residents. The Westmont Park District has more than 20 parks and open play spaces located throughout the village. Each park is designed to offer its own unique setting for recreation.

The Westmont Park District has made great accomplishments since its formation in 1959.  We are proud to continue to do all that we can to provide a fun and safe recreation atmosphere for all ages to enjoy.


The Westmont Park District was formed in April 1959 by a referendum. The referendum asked the Village if they wanted to have a park district. The vote was 184 for and 59 against.

The first elected Commissioners were:

  • Joseph Johanik
  • Robert LaPointe
  • Arthur B Hancock
  • Paul Erdman
  • Martin Bernard

The first Budget and Appropriation Ordinance was for $20,000.

The first two parks purchased by the newly formed Park District were Kiwanis Park for $2,400 and LeBeck Park for $800.  Both were purchased in the first year.

In 1959-1960 the Park District agreed to purchase Veteran’s Memorial Park from the American Legion for $25,000.  This was the amount the American Legion paid for the 10 acres in the 1950’s.  The agreement with the Legion stated that the property would always remain a public park.

The years from 1959 to 1972 the Westmont Park District operated with a part-time staff, utilizing public facilities in the community to run programs.  The Westmont Park District owned Veteran’s Memorial Park, LeBeck Park and Kiwanis Park during this period.


The Westmont Park District contracted to have a master plan developed to determine the community’s needs and future plans.  The master plan was instrumental in the passage of the 1973 referendum that funded the construction of the Community Center, the acquisition of Twin Lakes Park, Sentinel Park and Fritz Werley Park.  The master plan emphasized the need for a community swimming pool along with the land acquisition and the Community Center.  In 1974 the Westmont Park District hired its first full time director.


Gregg House was relocated to Veteran’s Memorial Park and serves as the Community Museum.


During the 1980’s the Westmont Park District acquired several park sites that included:

  • Lions Park
  • Deer Creek
  • Williams Cove Park
  • Rotary Park
  • Mertz Park
  • Muddy Waters Park
  • Blackhawk Park
  • Oakwood Park

In 1984 the Westmont Park District purchased Twin Lakes Golf Course for $880,000 committing current funds to the acquisition.  The 26 acre site continues to serve as the District’s 9 hole golf course.


During the 90’s the District acquired several park sites and facilities.  These include:

  • Senior Center/Administration Center
  • Bellerive Park
  • Twin Lakes Woods
  • Wilderness Park
  • Fitness Club

In 1998 the Westmont Park District acquired 36 acres of property for 6.3 million dollars.  The District issued 8 million in bonds to not only purchase the property but to develop it.  The Park District was extremely fortunate to have Ty Warner decide to locate his corporate office across the street from the park.  With Ty’s financial assistance the land was developed and name Ty Warner Park after his donation of approximately 7 million dollars toward the development.


Ty Warner Park opens and becomes a very popular attraction for people of all ages.  Due to the popularity of the park, Ty Warner purchases a 5 acre site south of the park on Plaza Drive and donates it to the Park District.  The 5 acre was purchased for a future pool site if and when the community decided they wanted an aquatic complex.  The 5 acres site is called Ty Warner South and is the site of a soccer field.


The Westmont Park District currently manages 155 acres of park land in the community.  The Westmont Park District provides programs and services for all ages throughout all the parks and facilities in the community.  In 2009 the Westmont Park District celebrated 50 years of service to the residents of Westmont.