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Fitness Programs

Group exercises in the gymnasium

Classes resume 1/25/21 – Please check at the front desk for the most up to date class schedule 

All fitness classes are free to members and are included in your membership. Each of the following classes is 60 minutes unless otherwise indicated. All fitness levels welcome in every class! Instructors will provide adaptations to movements when needed.

Please Note: The Westmont Park District Fitness Club reserves the right to make changes to this schedule and/or cancel any class with consistent low attendance.


Barbell Pump

This is a cardio/strength combination class that alternates strength exercises utilizing a barbell along with cardiovascular drills.

Boot Camp

This multi-level physical conditioning class is for the mind and body. These classes will safely and effectively burn calories and firm you up. You will perform strength exercise, stability exercises, calisthenics, cardiovascular exercise, speed work, endurance work, plyometrics and more.

BOSU Body Blast

Enjoy a cardio segment to warm up your major muscles just in time to get you ready for a challenging and invigorating strength segment on the stability ball. Improve your posture, stamina, strength and coordination all in one class.

Gentle Yoga

Challenging poses to work up a sweat. Feel empowered in mind & body.

Intermediate Yoga

Seated and standing positions will be introduced to improve strength & balance. For those ready to advance their own abilities.

Interval Sculpt

Multi level class. Are you lacking in your cardiovascular stamina and strength? Come and get the most from your workout in the least amount of time. Your cardio and strength will be challenged in this one-hour class.


Move your body the way it’s intended to move. This non-impact aerobics class is gentle to the joints, yet increases strength and stamina, through dance and martial arts. No previous experience necessary.


Pilates strengthens the core postural muscles, and focuses on awareness of breath and alignment of the spine.

Shape Up

You will receive a complete workout with interval-training techniques, cardiovascular endurance and strength training. Get a fun mix of step, hand weights, bands, tubing, balls and more. Your muscles will be constantly guessing. A cool down, abdominal work and a light stretch at the end. Walk away energized. Participants can make the class low or high impact; the instructor will help you choose.


The routines feature interval training sessions where fast and slow rhythms and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. No dance experience or stepping Memorization necessary – we show you everything while you get to have fun. No dance experience or stepping Memorization necessary.